As my first post (w00t!), I’d like to give a shout out (and hopefully direct some traffic) to a great project going on at CodePlex for some time now: FabTab. These guys have been developing a wonderful replacement for the stock WPF tab control for some time now, and since I like to use it, I thought this would be a nice first post to repay them. It’s got tons of improvements, including a built-in “Close tab” button, an Internet Explorer-esque “QuickTab” capability, a tab list, real-time pop-up thumbnails, badass animations when switching between tabs, drag-and-drop tab reordering, and lots more. I’ve been using it for a while and I love it!

If that sounds pretty good to you, and you’d like to learn more or download this library (as a *.dll to link with your application), you can get it at their project page at CodePlex. Below is a screenshot of the example program in action, and it’s pretty epic.

Anyway, I think that the FabTab library is great, and I give major props to the devs. 🙂

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