Featured Image: “Old Books” by Moyan Brenn

First off, I want to put it out there: everything I publish here comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. I cannot be held liable for damages my works may cause. Got it? Good.

All assertions, views, and opinions posted on this blog are my own and based upon my own interpretations. They do not represent any other entity unless explicitly attributed here. The content here is meant to be as  factual as possible, but please do not assume everything posted is incontrovertibly true. I am human and I make mistakes; please double-check first if doubts arise.

Any and all content I post, whether it be text, comments, videos, or images (including screenshots), is protected under the CC BY-SA 4.0 Unported License with copyright assigned to me unless stated otherwise in the post or elsewhere on this site. You are encouraged to download, share, and remix anything I post provided that:

  1. Credit is given to me for any content republished elsewhere.
  2. The works and I aren’t misrepresented in any way.
  3. Any derivations are distributed under this same license.

For the legally binding lawyer-ese behind it, please read the following document by Creative Commons.

All code snippets provided in this blog are placed under the GNU General Public License versions 3.0 or above with copyright to me unless stated otherwise in the source files. You may copy, tweak, redistribute, sell, and make derivative works of it; however, you must make the source code available for others you give copies or derivations to. For more information, see the GNU Project website.


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