Featured image: “Railway Workshop” by Petar Milošević

I’ve been something of a programming addict since 2006, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Below are some of my favorite hobby projects.

Time Period Project Description Technology Used
2016 PushBuddy Universal file syncing client for multiple cloud services. Currently works with Dropbox, expandable to many others. Written as part of team for VTHacks III; won second place. Java
2016-Present Amethyst A modular, data-driven, and highly parallel game engine. Heavy work-in-progress. Actively maintained by a thriving community on GitHub. Rust
2015 Network Documentation Proprietary database with graphical frontend for network documentation purposes, created for Kajeet, Inc. Manages inventory, application services, IPs, domains, load balancer configs, and VPN info. SQL, Access/JET, VBA
2011 GLaDOS Interactive chatterbot and desktop personal assistant designed after the eponymous fictional villain. C++ (OF, SFML), Processing, Batch
2010-2011 µShell Themeable shell replacement for Windows Vista/7. Includes a virtual desktops implementation. Inspired by the original Cairo Shell concept art and GNOME 2. C#, SQL, WPF